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The Black Market Guide and FAQ:

A huge amount of new items spawn every day on the Black Market in every region. Some of them are so rare that their value skyrockets and they will be a unique addition to any collection. These BMAH items are hunted by a huge number of players and and to obtain them requires a very serious approach

What can I buy on Black Market in WoW?

  • Many game items for one reason or another are no longer available for purchase in the game, however, sometimes, some of them can still be bought at the Black Auction

What are the most requested items from the Black Market?

  • WoW TCG loot - is WoW Trading Card Game (TCG) that was discontinued in 2013, but some of her awards show up on BMAH from time to time, like TCG tabards, TCG toys, and even TCG mounts. Now such items can only be bought on Ebay or the Black Market. The Black Market is the only alternative to Ebay for buying items from original TCG codes
  • Black market mounts - are some of the rarest mounts in WoW, and some of them are exclusive to BMAH. A good example would be the Swift Zulian Tiger, and if you see him currently riding this mount, he most likely got it from a black auction. Other rare mounts can also be obtained there, such as the Son of Galleon's Saddle
  • Transmogrification items - some of them with a unique appearance can only be obtained from the Black Market. For example, Tier 3 Sets, which can no longer be obtained in the classic Naxxramas raid. Any Tier Set transmogrifications are a valuable asset for any collector. Obtaining a complete set is a huge amount of work and time, as they can even consist of eight parts, and each of them has to be hunted separately, and then also fought in a battle for the price! There are also items that can still be obtained in the game, but their chance is so small that it seems almost impossible, Tusks of Mannoroth and The First Satyr's Spaulders are good examples. But for example, the item Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure is simply impossible to get in any other way than on BMAH
  • The black market is only available to the characters of max level, which means you'll need a huge amount of leveled up characters just to keep track of BMAH on different servers, or you can wait years for a certain item to appear in your game world. All this makes the items from the Black Market insanely unique and, correspondingly, very expensive, as well as winning items from the Black Market requires training and experience

How does the Black Market Auction House work?

  • Items on the Black Market are generated and listed by NPCs every 24 hours. The items are listed for one day only and will be changed the next day, even if no one buys them. Items for sale range from items that have been made unavailable to rare items and TCG items

How do I use the Black Market in WoW?

  • In order to access the Black Market Auction House post-Shadowlands release your character has to be at max level
  • You have to pick up The Night Market quest from Provisioner Drako in order to start a short questline which will then let you use BMAH

How long do Black Market auctions last WoW?

  • Each Black Market Auction can be up to 24 hours, but people can extend the auction's duration by bidding in the last 30 minutes

How often does the Black Market Auction House update?

  • Deals change every 24 hours, offering a new selection of rare goods

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