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WoW Mythic+ Guide and FAQ:

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  • The biggest change to Mythic+ in WoW Dragonflight, one that will critically impact how you prepare for  WoW Mythic raiding end-game content, is that the available Mythic+ dungeons are going to be rotating each season. This is to ensure that mythic+ content is as variable as raid content from season to season, and therefore not the same throughout the expansion.
  • The second major change in mythic plus dungeons is that now rewards in dungeons and a weekly chest scale up to mythic + 20 keys, as well as the upgrade system for Valor points
  • WoW Dragonflight Season 1 added a new affix - Thundering, which, from time to time during combat, throws players into Raszageth's storm and they release excess energy that deals damage and stuns allies.

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What are dungeons in WoW?

  • Dungeons are instance zones designed to be completed by a 5-man party

How do dungeons work in WoW?

  • This content is designed for 5-players to complete, where players fight bosses and other enemies. Dungeaon run require about 30 minutes for full run
  • There are varying levels of dungeon difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic+0 and Mythic+ with increased complexity 

How many dungeons are there in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Dragonflight has four leveling dungeons that you can run in Normal mode as you progress through the Dragon Isles and four max level dungeons that you can only run at max level

Can you solo a dungeon in WoW?

  • Soloing WoW Dungeons in the current expansion is not possible
  • Soloing old content dungeons is quite possible and is very popular for obtaining mounts, achievements and transmogrifications

How many times can you run dungeons before lockout?

  • You can run a Normal dungeon ten times per hour by resetting your instances
  • There are two types of dungeons lockout - soft lockout and hard lockout:
    - Soft lockout is what you get from simply completing the instance. If you re-enter the dungeon after clearing it, but before resetting, all mobs and bosses you killed will still be dead. So to run dungeon again you have to reset instances and everything will have been respawned
    - Hard lockout is when you can't run the dungeon any more for a specified amount of time. Resetting doesn't work on this type of lockout, and is where the ten times per hour cap comes into play.
  • Heroic difficulty has a once-per-day limit for getting loot
  • Mythic+0 difficulty dungeons have a once-per-week limit for getting loot
  • Mythic+ dungeons have no limits, so you can go through them as many times as you want, each time having a chance to get loot

How to reset instances?

  • To reset instances do right click on your character frame and select "Reset All Instances"

When should I do dungeons WoW?

WoW Dragonflight has four level-up dungeons that you can complete as you progress through the Dragon Isles, and four max-level dungeons that you can only complete at max level. You can start the first DF dungeon of Normal difficulty at level 61, while Heroic and Mythic modes always require max character level 70

  • Ruby Life Pools - level 61
  • The Nokhud Offensive - level 63
  • Brackenhide Hollow - level 66
  • Halls of Infusion - level 69
  • Uldaman - level 70
  • Algeth'ar Academy - level 70
  • The Azure Vault - level 70
  • Neltharus - level 70

What does mythic+ mean?

  • Mythic plus, also known as Mythic+, M+, Mythic keystone runs, Keys is a 5-man dungeon mode that adds increasing difficulty level to the simple Mythic run by the activation of a Mythic Keystone having their own level system

What is the mythic+ system?

  • The Mythic+ Dungeon system is a mode that offers players an endlessly scaling challenge in 5-man instances. The system allows players to compete dungeons against a timer to increase Mythic+ Score and additional weekly rewards

How does mythic+ work in WoW?

  • In M+ Dungeons, players' goal is to defeat all bosses in the dungeon, as well as kill required amount of trash, before the Mythic plus timer expires
  • When the M+ Dungeon is complete, you will see a chest containing loot at the end of the dungeon and the Mythic Keystone used will be updated
  • Beating the timer - rewards the player who used his M+ Keystone with a new, higher-level Keystone for different random dungeon, and the party with two pieces of loot at an appropriate iLvl in the dungeon chest
  • If timer is missed, but dungeon is completed - group will get only one piece of loot in the dungeon chest and used Mythic Keystone will be one level lower than the one you just used and also to another random dungeon
  • If you do not complete the dungeon - you will get a Mythic Keystone that is one level lower for the same dungeon and the group will be left without loot
  • A UI toast window will pop up in the middle of the screen when you complete the dungeon, displaying whether you beat the timer or not
  • Same window also shows how many levels the Mythic+ Keystone is upgraded and how many Mythic+ Rating did you get

How do I get mythic+?

  • Mythic+ do not have an automatic LFG system, instead you have to manually create a group and find people for it
  • You have to be at max level of current expansion and there are recommended iLvls gear depending on different levels of keys (recommendations per iLvl are higher the higher the level of the dungeon you go)

How are mythic+ dungeon scores calculated in WoW?

  • Every M+ dungeon completed with better results counts towards your Dungeon Rating 
  • You can hover over each dungeon your character's Mythic+ page and you will see the amount of score that you have earned in each dungeon 
  • The total Mythic Plus Dungeon Score is accumulated by the highest key completed on both Tyrannical and Fortified weekly affixes

What Mythic dungeons are in WoW Dragonflight?

The base Mythic dungeons list and Mythic+ dungeon list of the Dragonflight Season One that can be completed with keys are different! Below are the dungeons with the Normal, Heroic and Mythic+0 difficulties.

What Mythic+ are in WoW Dragonflight Season 1?

The base Mythic dungeons list and Mythic+ dungeon list of the Dragonflight Season One that can be completed with keys are different! Below is list of the dungeons that are available with the Mythic+ keystone difficulties.

What are Mythic+ affixes in Dragonflight?

  • An affix is a modifier applied to a mythic+ keystone at set levels. Different combinations of affixes occur every week and repeating on a set schedule
  • Afixes are added at certain key levels up to +10, and each key level has its own set of alternating weekly afixes
  • Each added affix complicates the passage of the dungeon, and sometimes radically changes tactics
  • Affixes at Keystone Level 2 - Fortified or Tyrannical are called weekly, because there are only two of them and they alternate every week
  • Next affix will be added at +4, then +7 and finally Seasonal Affix Thundering at +10 level of the keystone

What level do affixes start in Mythic+?

Affixes appear on all M+ dungeon keys, but the number and type depends on the keystone level:

  • 1st affix is gained at level 2
  • 2d at level 4
  • 3d at level 7
  • 4th weekly affix Thundering at level 10

How does Mythic+ loot work in WoW DF?

You get two types of loot when completing an M+ dungeon:

  • directly from the chest in the dungeon itself, the iLvl of which depends on the key used in this dungeon
  • a weekly reward in the Great Vault, based on the maximum key completed and the number of Mythic+ dungeons completed

What iLvl do Dungeons drop WoW Dragonflight?

  • Normal - 346 iLvl
  • Heroic - 359 iLvl
  • Mythic - 372 iLvl

What iLvl does mythic+ loot have in Dragonflight?

Below is a list of item level rewards in the dungeon chest and in the weekly chest, depending on the completed key

  • +2 key - 376 iLvl / 382 iLvl
  • +3 key - 376 iLvl / 385 iLvl
  • +4 key - 379 iLvl / 385 iLvl
  • +5 key - 379 iLvl / 389 iLvl
  • +6 key - 382 iLvl / 389 iLvl
  • +7 key - 385 iLvl / 392 iLvl
  • +8 key - 385 iLvl / 395 iLvl
  • +9 key - 389 iLvl / 395 iLvl
  • +10 key - 392 iLvl / 398 iLvl
  • +11 key - 392 iLvl / 402 iLvl
  • +12 key - 392 iLvl / 405 iLvl
  • +13 key - 392 iLvl / 408 iLvl
  • +14 key - 395 iLvl / 408 iLvl
  • +15 key - 398 iLvl / 411 iLvl
  • +16 key - 398 iLvl / 415 iLvl
  • +17 key - 402 iLvl / 415 iLvl
  • +18 key - 402 iLvl / 418 iLvl
  • +19 key - 405 iLvl / 418 iLvl
  • +20 key and higher - 405 iLvl / 421 iLvl

What is Valor in WoW?

  • Valor Points are currency that used to purchase and upgrade mythic+ dungeon gear

How does Valor work in Dragonflight?

  • There is currently one way to earn Valor Points in WoW Dragonflight, it is completing Mythic+ dungeons that rewards you Valor Points per each Mythic+ run 

How does Valor upgrade work?

  • You can upgrade M+ Dungeon Gear from Rank 1 to Rank 13 and increse it iLvl
  • Valor Points system allows to upgrade Mythic+ gear up to Item Level 415 in Dragonflight Season 1
  • Each Mythic+ dungeon that you complete awards you with Valor
  • Every piece of Mythic plus Dungeon Gear start from is given a rank based on its iLvl, as you can see on the item tooltip
  • Upgrading each slot has its own cost in Valor points
  • Item upgrade system is based on Mythic+ Score

How to get access to high iLvl gear upgrade:

In order to gain access to upgrading items to a certain iLvl, you need to earn the required Mythic + rating

  • 376-392 iLvl - None
  • 395 iLvl - 600 Mythic+ Rating and Above Mythic+ Rating
  • 398 iLvl - 1,000 Mythic+ Rating
  • 402 iLvl - 1,200 Mythic+ Rating
  • 405 iLvl - 1,400 Mythic+ Rating
  • 408 iLvl - 1,700 Mythic+ Rating
  • 411 iLvl - 2,000 Mythic+ Rating
  • 415 iLvl - 2,400 Mythic+ Rating

How much valor do you need to upgrade gear?

  • 250 Valor - Shields, Off-hands, Rings, Cloaks, Bracers, Necks
  • 400 Valor - Trinkets, Belts, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots
  • 475 Valor - Helms, Legs, Chests
  • 500 Valor  - One-Handed Strength or Agility Weapons
  • 750 Valor - One-Handed Intellect Weapons
  • 1000 Valor - Two-Handed Weapons

What are WoW dungeon achievements?


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