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WoW Raids Guide and FAQ:

Raids is still one of the most interesting PvE content in the whole World of Warcraft game. Ever since classic WoW, raids have always been the main focus of PvE for many fans of the game. This content allows players to gather in large groups to try to defeat the most powerful enemies and get cool rewards depending on the difficulty of the raid. Boss battles are even more exciting in Dragonflight with unique new mechanics never seen before. However, WoW Raids require up to 20 people to complete, so it's not easy to even get into the high difficulties of the raid content. The highest tier gear in the game can only be obtained from raids, but that's not the only reason raids are so appealing to WoW players. In raids, you can get unique pets and mounts, titles and prestigious achievements that will stay with you forever and will be an indicator of your experience in the game.

At the same time, the successful completion of the raid is the joint work of all the players in the group, of course, you can try to complete the raid with random groups, but due to their lack of teamwork, there is no guarantee of success. To successfully complete a raid, especially a mythic difficulty, you will most likely need to find a good and experienced guild. And if you don't want to waste time, you can order to complete a raid of any difficulty on Smartboost and complete any Fated Raid in just a few hours.

All Shadowlands raids are available in Season 4 due to the Fated affix rotation. Every week, one of the raids gets the Fated buff and the boss fights become more difficult, but the rewards also improve. In the Dragonflight pre-patch, all raids are always affected by the Fated Affix, which allows you to receive maximum iLvl raid rewards from all three raids every week until the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

The first raid in WoW Dragonflight Season One will be Vault of the Incarnates. It consists of 8 bosses and of course, as the first raid of the expansion, it is a strong challenge for all PvE players. This raid instance allows players to equip their characters with items up to 424 iLvl from Mythic difficulty, get powerful set bonuses from Class Tier Sets and, as always, you can get various Feats of Strenght raid achievements with great rewards, such as Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge.

What are raids in WoW?

  • Raids are group PvE content designed as activities for people whose characters have reached the maximum level. As the game does not permit further increase of skills, or introduce new abilities, the only avenues remaining to enhance a character lay in better gear and other rewards only found in raid instances

What raids are in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Vault of the Incarnates is the first raid that players will encounter in Dragonflight, featuring eight brand new bosses
  • VotI Raid Release Schedule:
    - Week of December 12: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic modes VotI will open with the weekly maintenance for each region
    - Week of December 19: Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing One opens
    - Week of January 2: Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing Two opens
    - Week of January 16: Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing Three opens

What is the difference between raids and dungeons WoW?

  • Raids are up to 40-ppl content where players fight bosses and other enemies in the raid instances, while the dungeons require only 5-ppl

How long does a raid take WoW?

  • The completion time of the raid depends on several factors, such as the balance between tanks, healers and DPS dealers in the raid group, the teamwork of the players, the knowledge of mechanics and tactics, the ability to quickly respond to a changing situation, and much more
  • Usually raids of normal and heroic difficulty take up to 2 hours, but raids of mythic difficulty can take up to 4-6 hours

What are the difficulties of the WoW Dragonflight raid?

  • Raid Finder, known as LFR, is the easiest, lowest loot, uninteresting, and auto-formed through matchmaking
  • Normal mode - takes time to form a group, basic knowledge of tactics and loot level comparable to low-level Mythic+ dungeons
  • Heroic mode - requires a good raid leader and time to form a group of well-equipped players who know raid tactics and mechanics
  • Mythic mode - the most difficult level of the raid, requiring high group leadership skills from the raid leader and players with very high iLvl gear, perfectly performing mechanics and tactics on each boss

Can you run Heroic and Mythic raids in the same week?

  • Yes, you can run Normal, Heroic and Mythic raid difficulties in the same week because they have separate weekly cooldowns

What iLvl does Vault of the Incarnates drop in Dragonflight?

  • LFG VotI - 376-385 iLvl
  • Normal VotI - 389-398 iLvl
  • Heroic VotI - 402-411 iLvl
  • Mythic VotI - 415-424 iLvl

How does WoW Raid loot work in Dragonflight?

  • The only method of loot distribution inside Vault of the Incarnates raid is Group Loot

Can there be personal loot in Dragonflight raids?

  • There is no option to select Personal Loot

Are there items with personal loot in Dragonflight raids?

  • Some items, like professions reagents may still use Personal Loot system where appropriate

What is Group Loot in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Group Loot is a loot distribution system that allows players to roll more suitable items for them

How does Raid Group Loot work in Dragonflight?

  • If there are items in the loot that fall under the group loot distribution, you will see a group loot menu, with a choice of one of four options: Need, Off spec, Greed, and Pass. Main spec takes priority, then Off spec, and only then greed

Can I take all the loot in the group distribution system in WoW Dragonflight?

  • No, in the group loot system you will have access to roll only items suitable for your class

Can I pick up two identical items in a group loot in Dragonflight?

  • No you won’t be able to win multiples of the same item, for example, that two sets of legs drop. While you can roll "Need" on both of them, winning one will remove your roll from the other

Can I get a raid item that I already own in Dragonflight?

  • Only if the dropped item has a Tertiary stat or Socket, that roll would be possible, because those are upgrades

Is it possible to share items received by the roll in WoW Dragonflight?

  • After winning the roll, items remain fully tradeable without restrictions to any player that was eligible as a looter

Can I get loot from bosses I've already killed during this cooldown in WoW Dragonflight?

  • No, players who have already killed Boss in same difficulty for the week can’t have loot traded to them, because the need/greed pane won’t appear for that player

What raids are in WoW Shadowlands?

There are three raids in Shadowlands expansion:

How does Fated raid work in WoW Shadowlands?

  • Fated Raids is an increased difficulty level for all raids in Season 4 of Shadowlands. With each weekly reset, one of the Shadowlands raids becomes Fated Affixed and during that week, its difficulty increases due to the appearance of additional mechanics and mobs in the process of completing the raid, and higher level loot drops in compensation

What iLvl does Fated CN drop in Shadowlands?

  • Normal Castle Nathria - 278 iLvl and 285 iLvl from the last 2 bosses
  • Heroic Castle Nathria - 291 iLvl and 298 iLvl from the last 2 bosses
  • Mythic Castle Nathria - 304 iLvl and 311 from the last 2 bosses

What iLvl does Fated SoD drop?

  • Fated SoD Normal Difficulty - 278-285 iLvl
  • Fated SoD Heroic Difficulty - 291-297 iLvl
  • Fated SoD Mythic Difficulty - 304-311 iLvl
  • Increased loot from the last two bosses

What iLvl does Fated SotFO drop?

  • Fated SotFO Normal - 278/285 iLvl
  • Fated SotFO Heroic - 291/297 iLvl
  • Fated SotFO Mythic - 304/311 iLvl
  • Also five bosses drop Tier Set pieces as Tier Tokens: Lihuvim, Halondrus, Anduin Wrynn, Lords of Dread, and Rygelon

What conduits iLvl does Fated raids drop?

  • Fated Normal Raids - 252 iLvl conduits
  • Fated Heroic Raids - 265 iLvl conduits
  • Fated Mythic Raids - 278 iLvl conduits

How does WoW Raid loot work in Shadowlands?

  • In Shadowlands, the only way to get loot in raids is personal loot
  • The total number of items dropped from each boss depends on the number of players
  • Each player involved in killing the boss has a chance to receive an item from the boss's loot list for his specialization, while everyone else receives various non-tradable items and a certain amount of gold
  • The received item can only be traded if you already have an item in this slot of the same or higher iLvl, otherwise the item will be non-tradable.
  • That is why, in order to get as many rewards as possible, it is advisable to go to the raid in a group with other players equipped with a higher iLvl than the loot from the raid, so that they can give you items

Can Fated gear be upgraded?

  • Yes, in Fated Raids you also have the option to upgrade your items to their Heroic or Mythic versions.
  • This is done by using the Cosmic Creation Impetus and Sacred Creation Impetus which you can create with cyphers derived from heroic and mythic Fated raid bosses

What mounts can you get from raids in WoW Shadowlands?

Why buy WoW raid carry?

  • High iLvl Gear - the highest item level in the game can only be obtained from mythic raid and is best for any PvE content. Heroic difficulty also provides a fairly high level of items especially from the last two bosses that you will feel comfortable in Mythic+ dungeons and Mythic Raids. Buying a WoW raid boost is the perfect way to get gear quickly, especially if you add loot-traders
  • Saving time - it is probably the biggest reason why raid boost is the best choice for any player. Often the lack of time is a big problem that prevents you from achieving your goals. Many avid WoW players do guild raid raids at least five times a week and spend 3-4 hours a day on raid progress. For most regular players, this is too much time, given that this is far from the only activity in the game, and everyone wants to have time to do everything. Thanks to our WoW raid carry services, you no longer have to spend long days and months progressing - our raid group will complete any Shadowlands raid for you quickly and efficiently
  • Strong and well-played raid teams - weak and inexperienced teammates are a big problem to successfully complete raids. Team play is the most important, because starting from the heroic difficulty of the raid, even the slightest mistake can lead to a wipe. Inexperience, lack of knowledge of tactics and mechanics, as well as the low skill of the players can lead to a huge cost of time to complete the Heroic difficulty, and what can we say about the Mythic difficulty. The most annoying thing is when you yourself do everything possible, give all your best and still die again and again through no fault of your own. Our WoW raid boost solves this problem, because we only work with extra-sklled raids teams who know how to quickly and efficiently complete a raid of any complexity
  • No high demands on the gear - excessive demands from random groups are often a problem for many solo players. In most cases in LFG leaders require too high raid equipment, even higher than that of themselves or other members of the same raid group, and it is almost impossible to get into random groups or raid guilds without already existing raid experience and good equipment. In most cases, raid leaders will deny you a group request, especially if you don't have the Ahead of the Curve achievement, which requires killing the last boss in that particular raid. Our WoW Raid Completion service allows you to gain experience and high-level equipment easily and effortlessly

What can I get from the WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight?

  • WoW Normal Raid Boost - is a good and cheap option for those who want to see a raid and get enough experience in it, as well as get a starting raid gear to make it easier to complete more difficult raids
  • WoW Heroic Raid Boost - is the most requested raid service, ideal for fresh characters to quickly increase their gear, and for players who want to equip their character well to get into the best raid guilds and get a lot of experience, and as a confirmation of this achievement Ahead of the Curve
  • WoW Mythic Raid Boost - is the service that has the highest profit, in addition to the fact that you will get the highest level item loot in the game, you will receive a unique prestigious title and achievements for completing the raid on the highest difficulty, including Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge, a huge amount of raid experience and you will be able to see with your own eyes how professional players complete the raid
  • WoW Raid Full Gear - this service is great for those who want to fully equip their character in a high iLvl Gear without wasting time on the same content every week. Full Raid Gear carry guarantees you an item from the raid of the selected difficulty in each slot, which immediately after the completion of the service will give you a fully equipped character for any game content
  • WoW Single Bosses Kill - is an inexpensive service that is ideal for you if you only want to kill certain bosses, for example, to get a specific item, mount or achievement
  • The Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge Boost - are Feat of Strength achievements for killing the last and hardest bosses in the Heroic and Mythic raids in the current season, and therefore in the current gear, without additional benefits that confirm that you have enough experience in the data raids and which players use as proof of experience in raids. It is the presence of these achievements that will always allow you to get into the best groups without wasting hours searching
  • Raid Glories Boost - having these meta-achievements, consisting of a huge number of different challenges, shows other players your high ability to play in a team, and is also often rewarded with beautiful mounts

How often can you do raids in WoW Dragonflight?

  • You can complete Normal or Heroic raid run on same difficulty as many times as you like if you join someone else's instance of the raid, but you can only loot each boss once per week per difficulty
  • The Mythic difficulty raid has a weekly cooldown on a raid instance you have already started this week, meaning that if you enter a mythic raid and kill at least one boss, you will only be able to raid with the same party this week

What loot options do I have in WoW Dragonflight raids?

  • Group loot run - is a cheap option for those who are interested in completing the raid itself, obtaining achievements related to killing bosses, conduits, recipes for legendaries, or completing raid quests. With a Group loot run, you will role drop items with other players in the raid group, so most likely you will still get some raid items
  • VIP loot run - you will receive all dropped items suitable for your class spec, because all other players in the raid will refuse loot suitable for your class spec during the roll
  • Guaranteed number of items - this one is always attached to the completion of the Mythic Raid run and depends on how many bosses you want to kill and guarantees that you will receive at least the stated number of raid items. The raid group will contain the required number of loot-traders to guarantee the number of items. If a certain number of items do not drop during the current raid run, then will be given another Mythic Raid Run on the next reset, so that you get a guaranteed number of items in total

What loot options do I have in WoW Shadowlands raids?

  • Personal loot - is a cheap option for those who are interested in completing the raid itself, obtaining achievements related to killing bosses, conduits, recipes for legendaries, or completing raid quests. With a personal loot run, the chance of getting loot is about 20% from each boss, so most likely you will still get some raid items
  • Loot trading - this loot option greatly increases your chance of getting raid items, because you will have a raid group consisting of a certain number of players with your armor type who will share loot with you. This option provides a loot guarantee that depends on how many loot-traders you choose to add to your raid
  • Guaranteed number of items - this one is always attached to the completion of the Mythic Raid run and depends on how many bosses you want to kill and guarantees that you will receive at least the stated number of raid items. The raid group will contain the required number of loot-traders to guarantee the number of items. If a certain number of items do not drop during the current raid run, then will be given another Mythic Raid Run on the next reset, so that you get a guaranteed number of items in total


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