Fated Sanctum of Domination raid with an experienced Smartboost team is a lot of fun and rewarding experience!

SoD raid in season 4 is again relevant. This is one of the three returned Shadowlands raids, but with increased difficulty and higher loot.

Instead of a new seasonal raid, weekly Fated Affixes have been added, similar to Mythic+ dungeons,
which add new mechanics to raid bosses.

Loot level has increased and depending on the difficulty of Fated Raids you can get 278-311 iLvl gear,
but as before you can get mounts from the Nine and Mythic Sylvanas

Seasonal rewards for Fated Raids include:
new Feat of Strength achievements, Jigglesworth Sr. mount, the "Hero of Fate" title and Shadowlands Raid Teleports.

Any complexity of Fated SoD raid is not a problem with a super-skilled Smartboost group!


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