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  • 70 level character on WoW Dragonflight account


Buy a Mythic+15 boost service on Smartboost to get 398 iLvl loot at the end of the dungeon and 411 iLvl gear as a weekly reward in the Great Vault. 

M+15 is the great way to gear up your character in any season of Dragonflight expansion. Additional options allow you to customize the service to your needs, increasing the chances of getting the loot you need, but so that you do not have to overpay. 

It cannot be overlooked that The Great Vault is still one of the best gear options in WoW Dragonflight. For one completed dungeon, you are guaranteed to receive item 411 iLvl in the weekly chest and the more keys you complete this week, the more items you will have available after the weekly reset, and this is your great chance to find some BiS items!

Our WoW M+ carry is the perfect way to quickly prepare for raids or higher Mythic+ Keys, because with us you no longer need to worry about toxic random players in your group or look for a really experienced team for a long time. Contact us and we will provide you with a highly skilled team of boosters to complete the Mythic+15 dungeon.

You will get:

  • Mythic +15 key completed
  • Our or your key of your choice
  • Guaranteed 411 iLvl gear in the Weekly Chest
  • Chance to get items 398 iLvl in the dungeon chest
  • Guaranteed Mythic+ rating score
  • Valor Points from each run

Additional rewards or progress in:


  • Start time: ~15-30 minutes
  • Lead time: ~25-40 minutes
  • Additional options may increase the start time, but not the lead time!


  • Timed Run option - dungeon run will be completed in a specific time to get the achievement and chance for additional reward 
  • Specific dungeon - option for choosing certain desired dungeons or the group will offer you the keys they have or choose at their discretion
  • Add loot-traders for an increased chance to get specific items for your class - we'll setup team with the chosen number of players with the same type of armor as you

How WoW Mythic+15 Boost works:

  • By Self Play boost method you will receive an invitation to the group at the appointed time and summon to dungeon
  • By Piloted boost method our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster
  • With Timed run option - if we won't complete this run in-time, you will get an additional free run to the dungeon until it is completed in-time

Important note for Mythic 15 boost features:

  • It doesn't matter which keystone from the group will be activated, the reward will be for each member of the group
  • You can complete as many Mythic+15 dungeons as you want per day/week and all completed M+15 dungeon runs will award loot 
  • You can still receive loot If you've already done the exact same dungeon or keystone level or both 
  • Mythic+15 dungeons do not share a lockout with base Normal, Heroic or Mythic+0 dungeons
  • Once you start the Mythic+15 key, talents and gear swaps are no longer allowed

Dragonflight Mythic 15+ rewards iLvl (Dungeon / Weekly):

  • +15 key - 398 iLvl / 411 iLvl
  • +16 key - 398 iLvl / 415 iLvl
  • +17 key - 402 iLvl / 415 iLvl
  • +18 key - 402 iLvl / 418 iLvl
  • +19 key - 405 iLvl / 418 iLvl
  • +20 key and higher - 405 iLvl / 421 iLvl

Dragonflight Season One M+ dungeons rotation:

Your safety comes first for the Smatboost team:

  • Privacy of customers is essential for our team, we never discuss the service you purchased or suggest additional services in the in-game chat
  • It is better not to discuss the acquired boost in the game chat with anyone, even with in-game friends
  • Any questions related our services, you can always message manager on the site or discuss details in the discord conference with your booster
  • Our drivers who fulfill your Mythic+15 order always log into the game from the same location that you usually play from
  • While M+15 boost is running, our drivers always set invisible mode, which hides your online for your friends list
  • While you are getting a boost, you had better not record any in-game logs

Advantages in M+15 Boost on Smartboost:

  • An enjoyable Mythic+15 run with extra skilled team
  • Unique Mythic plus experience from top players!
  • Completing M+15 content in a comfortable environment
  • Improve your character without worries
  • Saving your free and game time
  • Getting fun and cool M+ dungeon rewards
  • Customer focused boosting teams
  • 24/7 customer care service

How to get Mythic+15 dungeon runs in Dragonflight:

  • Specify the desired number of runs using the quantity modifier
  • Select Timed run to increase chance of loot
  • Choose specific dungeon for certain drop
  • Add loot trades to increase chance to get desired drop
  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order
  • Get the order done!

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WoW Dragonflight Mythic+15 Guide and FAQ:

Completing a Mythic+15 dungeon rewards you with epic gear at a higher base iLvl than any other source besides higher keys or mythic raid. This content is widely used by WoW players to improve their gear, and to get pre-raid equipment to further master the mythic raid or higher Mythic+ keys. Mythic+15 has always been rewarded with the top iLvl available in dungeons, and despite the fact that scaling has now been raised to M+20 keys, completing M+15 has not become easier, and even, based on the percentage of scalivronium, even more difficult than before. Passing Mythic +15 with random LFG players can become a very big problem and get on your nerves with no guaranteed result.

What does the timer mean in M+15 dungeons WoW?

Once the mythic keystone is activated, a timer starts and your goal is to kill all the bosses in the dungeon, as well as a certain amount of trash before the timer expires. Only the Mythic Keystone that was activated will be updated depending on how long you complete the Mythic plus dungeon. All keystones of other players in the group will not change.

  • Beating the timer - rewards the person who used their Keystone with a new higher level key of another dungeon, and the group with two loot 398 iLvl
  • Missing the timer but complete the dungeon - Mythic+ Keystone will point to a different dungeon that is one level lower than the one you just used and 1 piece of loot 398 iLvl
  • In both cases, players who complete the Mythic+15 dungeon receive a weekly reward 411 iLvl in the Great Vault

What are the Mythic+15 affixes in WoW Dragonflight Season One?

  • An affix is an additional property of a dungeon that affects the environment or the behavior of enemies
  • Afixes are added at certain key levels up to +10 level of the key, and each key level has its own set of alternating weekly afixes
  • Each added affix complicates the passage of the dungeon, and sometimes radically changes tactics
  • Keystone +2 affixes Fortified or Tyrannical are called weekly, because there are only two of them and they alternate every week
  • Next affix will be added at +4, then +7 and finally Seasonal Affix Thundering at +10 level of the keystone
  • So at +15 key and above, the dungeon is enhanced with four different affixes

What is the new M+ affix in WoW Dragonflight Season 1?

  • Dragonflight Season 1 introduces a new affix called Thundering - during combat, players periodically enter Raszageth's storm and release energy that deals damage and stuns allies
  • This affix is very similar to Quaking and consists of three spells:
    - Lightning Strike - Inflicts Nature damage to players standing in the area and stuns them for 1.5 seconds
    - Thundering - Raszageth charges all players, after 0 seconds the charge fulminates inflicting Nature damage to allies within three yards and releases a wave of Thundering Orb
    - Thundering Orb - Players that come into contact with a Thundering Orb suffer Nature damage and are stunned for one second

How does Mythic+15 loot system work in WoW Dragonflight?

  • At the end of a successful run, a chest will appear that all players can loot it
  • The loot is personal, so each player should loot the chest to see what their reward is
  • One or two pieces of 398 iLvl loot are guaranteed in Mythic+15 run, which will be randomly assigned to 1 or 2 players
  • Players receive items that are appropriate to their class-spec from the Loot Table of the entire Mythic+ dungeon
  • These items can be traded to other eligible players in the party if they are not an iLvl upgrade for the player who won them
  • Players who have completed at least one Mythic+15 run on previous week have access to the Great Vault with 411 iLvl weekly reward

How to upgrade gear with Valor Points in WoW DF:

  • Valor Points system allows to upgrade Mythic+ gear up to 415 iLvl in DF Season One
  • Each Mythic+15 run that you complete will award you with Valor
  • Item upgrade system is based on mythic+ score
  • In order to access higher item upgrade levels, you need to get a higher Mythic+ score
  • Upgrading each slot has its own cost in Valor points

What is the Mythic+ Score?

  • Mythic+ Score is an in-game rating system that shows your experience and skills in completing mythic+ dungeons
  • The higher the M+ keystone level completed and the more affixes that are on the key, the more Mythic+ rating you will get
  • The amount of rating points are awarded based on how much faster or slower the dungeon was completed
  • Score is accumulated for your highest completed key on both Tyrannical and Fortified affixes
  • Your overall Mythic+ Rating will be shown to group leaders or applicants in LFG
  • Overall Mythic+ Score combined total of all the Mythic+ scores that your character has earned in each dungeon
  • Seasonal mythic+ achievements are tied to this system

How do you use Valor Points in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Valor Points system allows to upgrade gear from Mythic+ dungeons up to 415 iLvl in Dragonflight Season One
  • Each Mythic+15 dungeon that you complete awards you with Valor
  • Upgrading every slot has its own cost in Valor points
  • Item upgrade system is based on Mythic+ Score
  • In order to access higher iLvl upgrades, you need to get a higher mythic+ rating:
    - 392 iLvl - None rating required
    - 395 iLvl - 600 Mythic+ Rating and Above Mythic+ Rating
    - 398 iLvl - 1,000 Mythic+ Rating
    - 402 iLvl - 1,200 Mythic+ Rating
    - 405 iLvl - 1,400 Mythic+ Rating
    - 408 iLvl - 1,700 Mythic+ Rating
    - 411 iLvl - 2,000 Mythic+ Rating
    - 415 iLvl - 2,400 Mythic+ Rating

For any additional information, please, contact our manager via live chat!


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