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• 60 lvl character on Shadowlands account.
• Completed the Shadowlands introductory questline in Oribos, and the zone storylines in Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth.


Covenants are new factions in the Shadowlands, located in four different locations in the Dark Lands. You will get acquainted with the covenants during the leveling process, and at level 60 you can join one of them. Thanks to this, they will open access to special bonuses and rewards: new abilities and transmogrification.

New chapters were added in Chains of Domination upon completion of which you will receive the ability to fly in Shadowlands' locations.

Each covenant has its own story, zone, and campaign. At the end of the Covenant campaign part three you will get the ability to fly, unique mounts, armor set, pet and special additional abilities, which significantly increase the power of your character.

There are four available Covenants in the game:
• Kyrian 
• Venthyr 
• Necrolord
• Night Fae

By buying a Covenant Campaign boost, you can get these rewards without wasting your time.

• Click HERE If you interested in Renown Reputation boost up to 59 level

Covenant Campaign - 9/9 Chapters of the Covenant Chain (inc. Renown 22 level)
• Chains of Domination Campaign - rewards you with the ability to fly in Shadowlands' locations (required 58 Renown)
• Reputations boost with your covenant faction

• Start time: ~15-30 minutes
• Lead time for Covenant Campaing 9/9 chapters: ~24 hours
• Lead time for Covenant Campaing part three: ~3 resets after release of the Patch 9.1
• Options may increase the lead time, but not the start time!

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