You may buy The Burning Crusade Classic hand-made gold from Smartboost at this page, just choose desired region, realm, faction, choose the number of gold and get into the process. We also provide WoW Shadowlands Gold as well.

About our TBC Classic Gold:

All TBC Classic gold on Smartboost is mined only by hand. A huge team of suppliers and farmers work every day, day and night to replenish our stocks. Team of our miners cover all factions and servers in the WoW Burning Crusade Classic, even the lowest populated ones. For security reasons, we try not to keep gold on one character or account, so it happens that gold is delivered by several letters by in-game mail or trades from different characters. We always strive to provide the highest quality service, and our TBC gold is no exception!

You will get:

  • Selected number of gold on desired realm and faction


  • Delivery time usually takes around 1-2 hours at the most popular realms and may take up to a day at the most low populated. Although our team always try to complete delivery in the shortest time frame, the guaranteed delivery time for purchase under 8.000 gold is 1-24 hours. 
  • If the number of purchased gold is more than 8.000, the delivery time might be increased

How it works:

  • Choose desired region, faction, realm and choose desired number of gold
  • Proceed to the checkout page and provide nickname of your character for the currency delivery
  • Our manager will сlarify all the details with you in the chat on the site or in the way you specify
  • Assign a gold-trader to fulfill your order
  • Get your gold in a convenient way
  • Enjoy!

Why use Smartboost to buy WoW Gold:

  • Cheap price
  • Quick response from operators
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable sources of gold
  • Gold on all WoW realms and factions
  • Convenient gold delivery method
  • Accompanying the order at every step


  • Character 1+ level on TBC Classic account with active WoW subscription

Why buy WoW Gold:

Gold is a universal currency for the WoW TBC Classic in-game economy, used for trading both between players at the auction and for purchasing various items from in-game vendors. For the vast majority of players, getting enough gold for themselves is a very difficult task. But you are constantly in need of gold, despite your current level. You will need gold to train skills, buy consumables and items at the auction, buy mounts at level 40 and 60, repair your equipment, etc. As you progress in the game, you will always need more and more gold. Whatever you decide to do in the game, sooner or later you will encounter a shortage of gold, and the higher your progress, the more significant your expenses will be.

However, Gold farming in The Burning Crusade Classic is very slow, so this gold purchase is a very popular service among thousands of players. But in any case, there are several ways to get gold in WoW Classic and our farmers use all available legal methods for gold mining. Since there is no method of mining a huge amount of gold by one player in the game, our suppliers collect gold from a large number of miners into a single endless stock. Each of our miners chooses the most suitable method of gold mining for himself and achieves excellent results in this matter, for an incessant supply for sale.

There are several types of gold mining in the game and we use all of them:

  • Team or solo farming mobs
    This method is very character and equipment class sensitive. For solo farming, there is only one class capable of single-handedly killing a large number of mobs. This class is a mage. However, it is for gold farming that this class requires good training and skill, and must also be well equipped. This method is also used by played groups of players for non-stop farming of dungeons.
  • Using professions
    Selling things that are crafted or collected using professions. So, for example, we use the gathering professions to sell resources at auction. And also, when using related crafting and gathering professions, our farmers collect resources, and then create items from them and sell them to other players, thereby replenishing our gold stocks.
  • Auction house system
    Knowing and understanding the economics of a particular server, as well as following the changes in the game and the needs of the players, our farmers calculate the prices and demand for various items. Buying resources and selling them, converting simple resources into more complex ones and selling them at a higher price. Following new trends, people who use this mining method endlessly supply large quantities of gold for sale.
  • Selling services for in-game currency
    This method is used by both solo players and groups of players. They use the provision of in-game services, such as portals by Mages or help with quests, and even going through dungeons for gold.

With Smartboost, you can always replenish your stocks of TBC gold and do not worry about buying one or another item in the game, you can buy all of them. All you have to do is just enjoy the game!

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