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  • 25+ Character on NW account
  • Azoth Staff in bag
  • Steam Guard access via e-mail


Azoth is a magical mineral that is a form of currency. You will need to use it during crafting in order to increase the power of any bonuses that may appear on the crafted item, to restore the Weapon Mastery tree, changing characteristics of your faction armor and most importantly for fast travel to areas that you visited earlier.

Because Azoth is widely used in all aspects of the game, you will encounter a shortage of it more than once. The process of farming, so much needed Nitrogen, is a rather tedious and slow task, and provided that you cannot carry more than 1000 of this resource in bag, then you cannot stock up on it for a long time. So you will come to the conclusion that you need to return to farming over and over again.

Buy Azoth farm and get enough currency to save yourself from worries and choices on what to spend this resource.

You will get:

  • Desired amount of Azoth
  • Corrupted Breaches completed
  • Faction Reputation boost
  • Experience, Coins and all loot during farming 
  • Stream to follow the progress


  • Start time: ~15-30 minutes
  • Lead time: ~x500 Azoth per 2-3 hours


  • Choose amount of Azoth

How it works:

  • The service is provided Piloted way only
  • Our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character
  • A discord conference will be created with you and the booster by our manager - this will allow you to follow the progress of the order and discuss additional details regarding the order

Steps of ordering:

  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order
  • Get the order done!

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