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  • 60 lvl character on Shadowlands account
  • For Piloted Heroic mode: 240+ Overall ilvl
  • For mythic mode: character transfer to our realm
  • US region: for security reasons, we may ask you to hand over a small amount of gold to the raid leader


The Jailer is the final boss of the last Shadowland's raid Sepulcher of the First Ones. Defeating this boss ends the long journey through the lore of the current expansion. As a reward for defeating The Jailer, Zovaal, you can get an epic gear and weapons, pieces of Tier Sets with bonuses, a unique mount Carcinized Zerethsteed from Heroic or Mythic mode, simple and FOS achievements, that will be unavailable to obtain after the release of the next expansion.

The item level of drop will depend on the selected difficulty, ranging from 259 ilvl of normal difficulty to 285 ilvl of mythic difficulty.

If you just want to get some specific piece of equipment or achievement from the last boss. You found what you need!
Our team will defeat last boss The Jailerin the SotFO Raid on any difficulty for you, so you can get the wanted items, high ilvl gear or whatever you are after. 

Buy killing The Jailer here to pass the raid as part of professional players and get priceless experience with comfort and fun!

You will get:


  • Start time for Normal & Heroic mode: ~1-3 days
  • Start time for Mythic mode: ~flexible
  • Lead time: ~40-60 minutes


  • You may select desired difficulty - this will affect the rewards received

How it works:

  • By Self Play boost method you will receive an invitation to the group at the appointed time and summon to the raid
  • You may stay afk during the fight, but be sure that you hit boss at least once, otherwise you will not be able to get loot from it
  • By Piloted boost method our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster

Important note:

  • Please keep in mind that the current loot distribution system in the game does not provide any guarantees that you will receive any loot

Advantages in Zovaal, The Jailer boosting on Smartboost:

  • Defeating last boss in a group with top raiders
  • Fun time in a friendly atmosphere
  • Customer focused boosting teams
  • Avoiding wipes and long tries
  • Saving your free and game time
  • Getting fun and great rewards
  • 24/7 customer care service

How to kill The Jailer, Zovaal:

  • Choose desired difficulty
  • Add Self Play option if you want to go to the raid yourself
  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order
  • Get the order done!

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For any additional information, please, contact our manager via live chat!


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