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WoW Tier 3 Set Guide and FAQ:

Originally Tier 3 armor set was dropped from classic Naxxramas raid and now it is transmog appearance that obtainable only from Black Market Auction House. Pieces of this set rarely come up for auction and are, of course, in huge demand. It can take months and huge amount of gold for each item

What are Tier 3 sets in WoW?

Is Tier 3 Transmog account wide WoW?

  • Any transmog appearances are account wide
  • You can transmogrify armor to T3 set appearance on any other character on the account with the same type of armor

Is T3 Transmog unlock for all characters on WoW account?

  • Yes, once the appearance of the armor gets into your collection, it will unlock to any character across your account

How many pieces does a T3 transmog set consist of?

  • A full Tier 3 transmog set consists of 8 pieces:
    - Boots
    - Belt
    - Gloves
    - Helm
    - Legs
    - Shoulders
    - Chest
    - Bracer

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