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WoW Leveling Guide and FAQ:

Leveling is your character's journey through the lore of the World of Warcraft game, telling you through various quests and storylines the history and events that have happened or are taking place in the world of WoW. In all additions to the game, leveling has been and remains an essential starting point for any new character. However, this process is quite long, especially if you have already done it, then the passage of the same quests can turn into a tedious routine. Our WoW Leveling Boost service is the perfect way to skip that long and boring part of the game and jump straight into more interesting and competitive high level content!

What are the Dragonflight leveling changes?

  • Dragonflight has some very important leveling changes, most notably the Chromie Time changes
  • Leveling to 60 has been drastically changed because you no longer have the ability to for leveling in Shadowlands, and instead you can only reach level 60 in BFA locations before you can travel to the Dragon Isles and continue your leveling to max level 70
  • Dragonflight 1-70 leveling is slightly different from the previous ones. If you already have 60 level character you may choose a starting zone of your race or Exile's Reach with any WoW expansion including Shadowlands before entering the Dragon Isles. Shadowlands zones are introduced in Chromie Time in Patch 10.0
  • At level 60, you travel to the Dragon Isles and if you are level up the first character on your account in Dragonflight then you must follow a linear storyline until you reach level 70

What is max level in WoW Dragonflight?

  • Level cap is raised to 70 in Dradonflight expansion

How long does it take to level in Dragonflight?

  • On average, Dragonflight leveling takes between 12 and 48 hours

What is new in Dragonflight WoW?

  • Max level increased to 70
  • Revamp of the user interface
  • New talent tree systems with two tree branches
  • Added a new Dracthyr race
  • Added a new Evoker class
  • The new Dragon Isles continent

What zones are there in Dragonflight?

Is dungeon leveling faster than questing in Dragonflight? 

  • In Dragonflight expansion a quick and great way is to combine leveling through quests and dungeons
  • WoW Dragonflight has four level-up dungeons that you can complete as you progress through the Dragon Isles, and four max-level dungeons that you can only complete at max level. You can start the first DF dungeon of Normal difficulty at level 61:
    - Ruby Life Pools - level 61
    - The Nokhud Offensive - level 63
    - Brackenhide Hollow - level 66
    - Halls of Infusion - level 69

What is Dragonflight leveling route for a fresh character?

  • 1-10 levels - Exile's Reach
  • 10-60 levels - Battle for Azeroth areas
  • 60-70 levels - Dragonflight locations

What is the Dragonflight leveling route for an alts?

  • 1-10 levels - Class starting zone
  • 10-60 levels - Any WoW locations from previous expansions, including Shadowlands
  • 60-70 levels - Dragonflight zones

What gear do I need for leveling in Dragonflight?

  • Naturally, the better gear you have at the beginning of Dragonflight leveling, the faster and easier it will be. But in any case, Dragonflight quest gear will quickly catch up with the Shadowlands epic gear and allow you to achieve quite productive 60-70 DF leveling

Can you use WoW token for Dracthyr boost?

  • You are not able to boost a Dracthyr with WoW boost token. You can never use a WoW Token to boost a class released in the current WoW expansion

How long does 60-70 leveling take in WoW Dragonflight?

  • 60-70 leveling is a grind. Not as much as 1-60 power leveling, but it's definitely the the most time consuming level cap raise of any of the WoW expansions. With casual playing like 2-4 hours per day it takes in roughly a week

What are Dragon Isles?

  • Dragon Isles is one of the largest playable zones in the WoW history, with lots of vertical areas. This arrangement of locations can be a problem even for experienced WoW players, and especially for those who do not want to spend time running around and just want to enjoy the game. Remembering Storm Peaks and how it frayed the nerves of many even experienced players, it seems that now we have an even more tiring area for leveling

Is there a new race in WoW Dragonflight?

  • In Dragonflight expansion was added a new race - Dracthyr, and a new class - Evoker
  • Evokers are exclusive to the Dracthyr, and are also the only class that Dracthyr can play
  • This mix of the race and class can be great ranged damage dealer or strong healer

What level Evoker starts at?

  • Like previous hero classes, Evokers have their own unique starting zone alongside the Dragon Isles and they begin their leveling journey at level 58

What is the Dragonflight leveling route?

  • The first thing you need to know is that Dracthyr leveling is a bit different from others. This class starts at level 58 and you must spend some time in the Dracthyr class starting zone until you reach level 60 and before you can embark to your journey of Dragonflight 60-70 powerleveling
  • Even though leveling Dracthyr for the first time can be fun and exciting, our Dracthyr level boost service will be useful to all players who do not want to spend their time on questing and grinding, but just want to quickly start playing high-level content
  • Dragonflight's areas for 58-70 power leveling:
    - The Forbidden Reach is Dracthyr starting area
    - The Walking Shores
    - Ohn'ahran Plains
    - The Azure Span

What is max level in WoW Shadowlands?

  • Maximum level is 60, you have to go from level 1 to 10 in a starting area before tackling levels 10-50 in any expansion of their choice, и продолжить 50-60 leveling на территориях Shadowlands

What do I do after level 60 in Shadowlands?

  • After you reach level 60 and have completed the storyline to choose you covenant, you'll receive the quest “Choosing Your Purpose” summoning you to Oribos - the capital of the Shadowlands

How long does it take to max level Shadowlands?

  • ~12-16 hours of playing time is the rate at which an average player can level up from level 50 to level 60

How long does it take to level 1-60 in Shadowlands?

  • In WoW Shadowlands expansions the average leveling time from 1 to 60 level is ~24-36 hours

Whats the fastest way to level 50 to 60 Shadowlands?

  • Threads of Fate questline for alts or all the zone special quests for fresh characters are the most profit leveling routes, especially when an additional buff for experience is active. And also, be sure to queue LFG to the dungeons while other quests are being done

Can I skip Shadowlands campaign?

  • Yes, but only for alt character. If you are leveling the first fresh character on account you have to do full Shadowlands leveling storyline 

Can you skip Covenant campaign?

  • If you have at least one character on your account that has completed 2/9 chapters of the Сovenant's questline, you can skip only those two chapters on an alt character, but it is not possible to skip full covenant campaign

Are dungeons faster than questing Shadowlands?

  • Completing quests is faster because in a group with other players in the dungeon you get a cut amount of experience

What class should I be in Shadowlands?

  • If you are a new player and don't know anything about the WoW game and its mechanics, we recommend trying one of the following classes: Demon Hunter, Warrior or Paladin. These are fairly simple classes that are very comfortable to play at the stage of the game exploration

Can you fly in Shadowlands zones?

  • In order to unlock flying in the common Shadowlands zones: Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth, you will need to earn x44 Renown with your Covenant, complete all 9/9 chapters of the Covenant Campaign, unlock Korthia location and complete 4/9 chapters of the Chain of Domination Campaign

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  • Allied Races - are another great reason to use our level boost service. In addition to the fact that the allied races look very nice, some of them have very good racial bonuses that strengthen various classes in both PvP and PvE activities. Additionally, leveling a custom race from level 10 to level 50 will reward you with a unique transmog set for that race

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